28th January input re suggestions for Rule amendments

Suggestions Submitted for discussion at the AGM

1. Local League should get register with Play Cricket Website, so that all

the players can get their individual stats and their career with LL should

be evident.

2. Colour kits should be allowed in T20 cup games.

3. League winner should have a prize money.

Committee’s decision is to let the Teams decide on Both suggestions, but bear in mind that to have Prize money, the money has to be found from somewhere.


1) if teams agree I would say we should only allow one professional player ex or current to be allowed to play in any one game.

2) if bowling tea run over their time it’s only that team should be penalised. It is not fair for batting team to finish the game in 35 overs the other team gets 35 overs.

Committee’s decision is to let the Teams decide on the First one but wish to suggest that the Team batting will be allowed to bat till the completion of their innings, the innings of the First Bowling Team will start no later than 4.50pm, and they will only face the amount of Overs they bowled at end of 4.25pm. or a deduction of 10 points applicable to the Fielding team.

What we propose is that there should be a ‘1 Pro per club’ rule and this should be defined as current or former, whether this be last year or 10 years ago.

Submitted by 2 Teams

Committee’s decision is to let the Teams decide


I would like to request the league to split all match fees for 40 over matches between both teams exactly the same way it is done in T20 and 30 over matches.

It is unfair if one team plays all or most home matches and the majority of away matches are rained off it creates issues collecting match fees to balance costs for home matches.

The Committee’s decision is as follows-The purpose of having Home and