24th August Important News for T20 and T20 Shield Games

T20 Games are Knock Out games. Teams that have been knocked out will not have a game. Inform us if you wish to play a friendly game by Wednesday. All the fixtures for the 29th August are below. Fixtures for 5th September will be updated on the 30/08/21. Teams who are in the Competitions please do not assume that you do not have a fixture on a Sunday until advised by the League.


29/08/2021 14:00 Walsall Gladiators CC v Tipu Tigers CC Hammerwich

29/08/2021 14:00 Redditch Spartans CC v Indians X1 CC Game Conceded

29/08/2021 14:00 Lahore Lions CC v Calthorpe Tangdeo CC Aston Manor

29/08/2021 14:00 Lye Stars CC v Gujar Khan CC Chaddesley Corbett

29/08/2021 14:00 Aston CC v NTI CC Castle Bromwich

29/08/2021 14:00 Etihad CC v Birmingham Knight Riders CC Marston Green

29/08/2021 14:00 Tahmoor Stars CC v BNQ CC Old Edwardians


29/08/2021 14:00 Catherine De Barnes CC v Redditch Spartans 2 CC TBC

29/08/2021 14:00 M & T CC v ALM CC Brittanic

29/08/2021 14:00 Redditch Spartans 1 CC v Walsall Sultans CC Redditch CC

29/08/2021 14:00 Birmingham Tigers CC v Tyseley Knight Riders CC Aldridge

29/08/2021 14:00 Azad Sports CC v A J Autos CC Calthorpe Park

29/08/2021 14:00 Birmingham Lions CC v Archies CC Pickwick

29/08/2021 14:00 Punjab Warriors CC v Hussain CC Thimblemill