T20 KNOCK OUT FIXTURES FOR 9TH MAY and Rest of Fixtures

The fixtures are below, The grounds will be allocated soon. Please remember the Final order of Home and Away and game start time will be done soon. The fixtures below are as per the Draw as guideline. Grounds and Start time may change, the Final version will be on Friday. Please check Friday evening or Saturday

Two things to note are

1. If 3 Teams finish on same amount of Points then the positions are decided on RUN RATE

2. If 2 Teams finish on the same amount of Points then the position will be decided on their Head to Head Result, that is when they played each other, the winner of that match will end up on a higher position.

T20 Knock Out Round - 9th May

Draw made was-

1=A1 v B2

2=B1 v A2

3=C1 v D2

4=D1 v C2

5=E1 v F2

6=F1 v E2

7=G1 v H2

8=H1 v G2

9=J1 v K2

10=K1 v J2

11=L1 v M2

12=M1 v L2

13=N1 v O2

14=O1 v N2

The rules state that if it rains or the game is not played or completed as per the Rules then the Team that was Position 1 will be the winners and will progress to the next Round.

T20 Pre Quater Final 29th August

A= 1 v 14

B= 2 v 13

C= 3 v 12

D= 4 v 11

E= 5 v 10

F= 6 v 9

G= 7 v 8

If the game is not possible then it will be decided by a Toss of a coin

T20 Quater Final 5th September

1 = A v F

2 =- B v E

3 = C v D

4 = G v BYE

Semi Final

A = 1 v 4

B = 2 v 3


A v B