Important Notice

Hope you had a great first game.

It has come to our attention that video clips have been shared and circulated via social media, some individuals are not happy that a Video has been shared without their consent. They have queried what action the league can or are going to take.

This is to advise, that when all the teams join the league they sign the Team Registration form which contains the following statement -

‘I / we agree that photographs and or video footage may occasionally be taken during the activities and used for promotional and training purposes, and give consent for our team to feature in such photos / footage. I hereby grant only ACP and authorised partners and agents of ACP the right to use the images created from any approved photographic or video sessions.’

The above statement only applies to the ACP LEAGUE.


1) Person/s taking footage should seek permission from the individuals who the footage is of.

2) The ground where the footage is captured should/can ask the individuals to stop if they wish

3) The individuals can ask to be not included in the footage.

The leagues position on any one taking photos or video footage is that permission should be sought from the individuals in the footage.

The league does not have any control or responsibility on individuals filming or taking photos.