18th July NEWS- Game Day COVID-19 Procedures for ACP Local Leagues Cricket League teams/Players/Umpi

ALL Participants are responsible for their own personal safety and must ensure that Social distancing guidelines are adhered to. Only 30 people can be present at a game, it will be responsibility of the Captains to take down the names of people present and their contact numbers for track and trace purposes and MUST keep them in their possession.

1.Teams/players/Umpires to have their own hand sanitizers for use.

2.Practice–Social distance must always be maintained at all times (1m+).

a. Catching and Fielding:–catching and fielding drills must be done in 2 groups no more than 6 in a group) maintaining social distancing. After fielding session, players to use hand sanitizer.

b. Bowling:–bowling practice must be done in 2 groups (no more than 6 in a group). Cricket balls are not to be shared, and no saliva must be applied to the ball. After bowling practice, all players are to use hand sanitizer.

3.Umpires –are advised to wear a face mask and gloves, and to have their own hand sanitizer for use.

a. Toss: Umpires will supervise the toss, maintaining social distance.

4.Game –a) Clothing: all players must arrive at game having already changed at home.

Umpires will not be able to take sweaters, caps or other items of clothing or personal effects for bowlers or fielders including medical appliances, these will need to be left at the boundary edge.

b. Equipment: No equipment is to be shared between players.

c. All Players and Cricket Ball:

Must apply Hand sanitizer after 6 Overs of play.

i) Fall of wicket: No contact is permitted during any celebrations.

ii) Umpire does not need to handle the ball at the fall of a wicket. Ball should be placed by the wickets.

iii) No Saliva should be applied to the ball at any time

5. Food. a) All players must bring their own food to the game, if it is required. There is to be no sharing/communal food arrangements.

b) All rubbish must be disposed of in a black bag which must be placed in a bin.