28th March update

Hello everyone on this spring Saturday morning,

Firstly I wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to keep the cricket network up to date in what is the most difficult period the game has witnessed. More importantly I also hope that all of you are staying safe and have not been directly or indirectly affected by this wretched COVID-19.

Clearly at a time such as this everyone is craving information and direction and especially as in normal circumstances the season would be just weeks away. As you know there have been a number of announcements from ECB in the last two weeks on suspension of activity of ALL cricket, notification and guidance on groundcare and top of the list ‘how to stay safe’.

There have also been an abundance of online meetings with the Cricket Boards and phone calls as we navigate our way through this situation. Having had two weeks of settling into this new world we wanted to make you aware of how things will be communicated from hereon in given Communication is everything at the moment.

As you would expect everyone wants an answer now in this unprecedented situation. There is also a need for us to be in a position to make calm cricket decisions based on three things –

1 Public Health

2 Supporting the Cricket Network (you and the clubs) and

3 The long term health of the game and securing it when this is all over.

To that end each ECB Region across the country has relayed a day-by-day Communication plan to the Cricket Boards to navigate through this situation to make sure we stay connected and keep on top of a rapidly changing situation. You should be aware that the WM Cricket Boards have offered to be the conduit of information to you (from me and ECB) to make sure messages are clearly aligned in each county as this situation unfolds. Of course we do have Leagues that span multiple counties and I will be picking up with them direct in conjunction with the their Boards.

So if you nee