21st July Urgent Reminders

There is a shortage of 8 Umpires this week. So please be fair

Texts must be received in the format stipulated.

Deadline of sending Texts is before 8.15pm. Failure to do this will result in 5 Points Penalty.

First Innings will start at 1.30pm

If late start then for every 4 Minutes lost ONE Over will be deducted, this applies to the Team that is not ready , if it is both Teams then both teams will be deducted and the match reduced to reflect that.

Example: Both Teams not ready to start at 1.35, then the match will be reduced to 38 Overs per side.

If one Team not ready then they will be reduced 2 Overs (in the example above) the Team that is ready will face their allocated Overs

First Innings must end at 4.25 NO MATTER WHAT. if 40 Overs or agreed Overs have not been completed. Then the Team not bowling the required amount of Overs will be deducted 5 Points.

Second Innings must start 25 minutes after the completion of the First Innings. Remember the cut off Time.

If the Team Bowling second do not complete their allocation of Overs then they will be deducted 5 Points but they will continue to bowl their allocation.

These Rules must be followed even when an Umpire is not present.

If for any reason a Team is refusing to abide by these Rules then please Text immediately and inform the other Team Captain of your intentions and please mention that in your text that you have informed the opposing captain.

There should be NO misunderstandings on this issue.

Thank You