15th July Reminder of Rules

REMINDER- Because Teams are not following the Rules.

Please read and familiarise yourselves with the below rules

The text must be in the following format-

1. Name of Team Sending Message

2. Team Batting First, Score, wickets lost in Overs and balls

3. Any Batsman scoring 50 or more Runs

4. Any Bowler from second team taking 4 or more wickets. (wickets and runs conceded)

5. Team Batting Second, Score, wickets Lost in Overs and Balls.

6. Any Batsman scoring 50 or more Runs

7. Any Bowler from First team taking 4 or more wickets. (wickets and runs conceded)

Also include Anyone taking Hattrick’s

To refresh your memories please read below-

1. Maximum allowable time for all 40 Overs (per innings) is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes which is 4.10pm (4 minutes for every Over); 15 minutes extra will be allowed for various other reasons so the cut-off time will be 4.25pm before penalties are applied.

2. All first innings must be finished by 4.25pm (the “cut-off” time before penalties are imposed);

3. The second innings MUST start at 4.50pm (or 25 minutes after the completion of their first innings if finished before 4.25pm); or earlier if both teams agree to have a shorter break.

4. Any team not bowling the full 40 Overs by 4.25pm will face the same amount of Overs they have bowled at the time (e.g. if 36 Overs were bowled by the team, then they will only face a maximum of 36 Overs) The First innings will end at 4.25. 5 Points will be deducted from the team who did not bowl the allocated Overs.

5. Any team deliberately wasting time to gain an advantage will be penalised with a penalty of deduction of 5 Points. The Umpire’s decision will be final;

6. In the case of a team bowling second and they are short on Overs by the cut off time, they will be penalised 5 Points but will still bowl the remaining Overs. The batting side will continue to bat until their Overs are completed. Please see Important message on website dated 26th April 2019 for