Dear Teams,

The decision not to send Text messages as a reminder or to advise of any New information has been taken due to some Teams stating that they are not receiving messages.

The league accepts this as a possibility as it is well documented that Mobile Phone networks do have problems, the practice of sending Text messages and also updating he website has been in existence since the creation of the league.

It is sad that all of a sudden Text messages are not reaching some Teams, it was never a commitment from the league to send BOTH text messages and update the website. The reason for sending Text messages was to be helpful to Teams and to act as a reminder.

It is clear from the feedback from Teams that the Texts are confusing because not everyone has sight of them, so by just updating the Website as soon as the information is received is more acceptable because everyone has access to the Website.

Please note that as a consequence of this decision of the league not sending Texts, it is All Teams responsibility to check the Website to be up to date with all the information. We suggest that you check the Website as often as you can but most importantly on the Match day before 12pm.

Also as a reminder regarding Phone Calls and sending Text Messages.

The Rules state that :-

IF urgent then only Phone Monday to Friday between 6pm and 8pm otherwise TEXT.

You may TEXT any time, a response will be sent as soon as possible.

The League classes an emergency as being a Team unable to field a Team for the coming match, in which case the Teams MUST phone the mobile number given for Results as soon as they become aware that they will not be able to field a side. (Minimum of 8 Players).

In the event that there is no answer then please leave a Voice message and also TEXT.

For all other reasons please Text only.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to some Teams but we must strive to make everyone Happy.

Many Thanks