26th April 2019. Very Important News

Due to problems last week, the Committee had to meet to address the issues.The following Rule was agreed at the AGM-

THAT ALL PITCH COSTS WILL BE SHARED IN ALL MATCHES. This was the case for all Cup games anyway, The Committee had complaints that Teams did not understand the proposal at the meeting. The committee ruled that this point had been raised at the meeting and dealt with.

Unfortunately, on Sunday 21st April it has transpired that some Teams inflated their pitch prices.

We had reservations initially about the new Rule but allowed it to be debated. It has now become a big problem, so the committee has decided that we will revert back to the old Rule that Home Teams will be responsible for the ground fees.

Another Change that has been amended is the Cut off time for an innings. League games will start at 1.30pm and the cut off time for an innings is 4.25pm. Previously the fielding team were penalised 12 Runs plus Runs scored for every Over short of the agreed Match Overs.

The amendment is all first Innings will close at 4.25pm regardless of Overs bowled. The team not bowling the required Overs will be deducted 5 Points, when batting they will face the amount of Overs they had bowled. Please remember its 4 minutes for One Over. See Example below-

Team A bats first and faces 37 Overs by 4.25pmTeam B will be Deducted 5 Points for not Bowling the required amount of Overs by the Cut off time. Unless the Umpire decides otherwise due to injuries to players only.

Team B will bat for 37 Overs, their Overs will commence 25 minutes after the completion of the first Innings. In the above example, Innings start at 4.50pm and the scheduled innings end will be 37 x 4 = 148 Minutes plus 15minutes allowed. This equates to 163 minutes, which is 2.hrs and 43 minutes for the match end. So Match end should be 7.33pm. if that time is exceeded then Team A will be deducted 5 Points but the game will continue till full allocation of Overs is completed.